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Worker Contact Monitoring

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Supporting COVID-19 Guidance

Helping the Oil and Gas industry adapt in challenging circumstances – The SmartConnect Connected Worker Solution works overtime to protect and mentor an effective workforce. Wearing the Smart Badge, each worker has an 360˚ safety zone monitor, notifying them when others get too close. At the same time, The Smart Connect application creates a detailed history of proximity events and interactions to aid contact tracing.
  • Certified C1D2 Intrinsically Safe Smart Badge
  • Fast, responsive badge-to-badge ranging
  • Cost-effective monitoring solution
  • Supports high-density environments (>1,000 workers)
  • Comprehensive contact activity records
  • Many additional safety and efficiency features
  • Scalable solution sets up quickly and relocates easily
  • Ranges and communicates in all industrial environments
  • Requires no on-site network connection and only 120v power
  • Each gateway support hundreds of Smart Badges at a sub-second ping rate
  • Independent and secure server and application instance
  • Two-way communication to aid in worker messaging, muster event coordination, and safety event response


  • Smart Badge signals each worker inside a 6’ proximity with sound, light and vibration alert
  • Alert automatically stops when workers separate


  • Persistent loitering ( > 30 seconds – configurable ) inside a minimum proximity results in a Smart Badge alert that must be cleared by wearer as well as a SmartConnect application event
  • Events are logged for reporting and administration.


  • Detailed workforce contact report lists worker id, date, duration, and location of minimum proximity interactions within a 14 day time frame

Capturing the Total Picture


  •  Monitor restricted or dangerous areas with geo-fenced zones
  • Automated fall detection/fall from height via SmartBadge Push-button
  • Man Down alerts with text confirmation
  • Current weather map layers and severe weather alerts
  • Trace SmartBadge movements over time
  • Initiate musters with auto zone check-in and worker alerts


  • Monitor and visualize workers by levels or building floor plan overlays
  • Integrate current satellite and drone views of the job site location
  • Connect 15+ SmartBadge event types to unlimited location, category, and zone configurations for endless practical applications
  • Role-based information display for managers, administrators, or any custom user type
  • Redundant and configurable alert preferences: instant-on SmartBadge lights and sound, SMS, email, web portal user interface, and API to third-party applications
  • Visualize workers on map by trade icon, head shot, or completely anonymized; workers under alert are highlighted


  • PunchClock kiosk mode + SmartBadge QR code for group and single worker check in and check out administration
  • Visual status updates on project first starts, time in work zones, and safety certainty indexes
  • In-depth data reports on safety events and key performance indicators
  • Customize reports by category, department or subcontractor

How It Works

Essential Usability And Adoption Tools

  • Built-in project shift scheduling
  • Independent client cloud server instances
  • Branded user interface
  • Training and communications support
  • Online help resources
  • Available safety vests with SmartBadge pocket
  • Supervisor™ project simulator application

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Worker Contact Monitoring