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Are you sure that you have the programs and resources that are required to hit your safety targets? Let’s show you how!

Only from CertifiedSafety!

Increasing safety certainty everywhere. Consistently have a more sustainable business and safeguard assets and budgets.

Our customers increase their safety performance, ability to achieve goals and targets, and enhance safety systems and cultures. They do this through our CERTAINTYFUNDAMENTALS, CERTAINTYASSURANCE, and CERTAINTYADVANCE solutions. Each solution brings what you need to increase safety certainty across your project, asset, or business.

Unique to the safety industry is our SAFESYNC strategy that connects the power of everything—people, equipment, tools, process, reporting, objectives, compliance, budgets, schedules—into a seamless strategy for increased safety certainty.

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Safety certainty tends to be elusive. Environments, operations, assets, budgets, and timelines seem to always change—leading to uncertainty.

CERTAINTYSOLUTIONS reduce the uncertainty, while increasing your safety performance, goal achievement, and culture. You and your project have the very best in experience, leadership, skill, training, resources, and equipment to lower safety uncertainty while growing your safety-related confidence and performance.

Best in class safety fundamentals and tactical resources. Ensuring the very best in baseline safety performance.

CERTAINTYASSURANCE: Safety strategies and plans that increase the odds of achieving your safety goals and objectives. Making sure that you have the process, reviews, and management of lagging KPI performance you seek.

CERTAINTYADVANCE: World-class safety culture transformation and tools. The highest level of safety certainty and business value through deeply experienced leadership, technology application, and leading KPI achievement.

Discover how you can increase your safety-related certainty and bring better budget, timeline, resource, and human performance to your project or business.

Secure your success. CertifiedSafety is your partner in delivering resource, task, and budget certainty. Be sure and confident with CertifiedSafety.

Download our CERTAINTYSOLUTIONS Brochure.

Do you just need the right resources that you’re paying for to help execute your safety strategy, EVERY TIME. That is what we offer via CERTAINTYFUNDAMENTALS.

Banish costly baseline safety performance. Protect your project budget and reputation. Get the right resources, with the right skills and experience, at the right price. Have safety budget and skill certainty.

CERTAINTYFUNDAMENTALS brings to each customer and project best-in-class safety basics and tactical resources. The result is lower total installed cost (TIC), keeping safety on-time and on-budget, reducing incidents and surprises, and increasing your ability to meet performance expectations.

Maximize productivity and eliminate waste. Unit clean-up, housekeeping, water/ice, waste/trash, logistics support, flagging, and general helpers.

ATTENDANTS: Basic safety duties with the right attitude. Confined space entry, fire watch, and bottle watch.

PERMITTING: Permit support and expediters that keep projects on track and in compliance.

AUDITING: Field-proven safety auditors that increase project safety, compliance, and performance.

EQUIPMENT: Cost effective safety support equipment that keep people and budgets safe.

SAFETY MANAGEMENT/PLANNERS: Experienced, skilled personnel to build, implement, and manage project safety to the highest standards.

SAFETY CONSULTING: Multi-decade skilled people that work with you in planning/scheduling (P6), work management, QA/QC, on-boarding, and logistics and warehouse.

MECHANICAL COORDINATORS: Trained, experienced and accountable oversight of mechanical systems equipment, tools, maintenance and repair.

OPERATIONS SUPPORT: Expedited unit shutdowns, keep on schedule. Operator assistants (valves, site glass, drain equipment, hoses, and pipes).

Secure your success. CertifiedSafety is your partner in delivering resource, task, and budget certainty. Be sure and confident with CertifiedSafety.


Does your current safety program achieve different outcomes from project to project?  Let us help you determine the benefit of using our CERTAINTYASSURANCE program.

Bringing predictable, repeatable achievement of safety goals and objectives.

CERTAINTYASSURANCE increases your ability to hit your safety targets, every time, by protecting assets and projects from accidental failure and protecting reputations through expert external validation. Assure your safety processes and plans, right from the start.

We bring objective, third-party review of your safety-related processes. We identify needed processes, provide critical path gaps, and recommend roadmaps to resolve safety-related issues by focusing on:

  • Plant/facility safety policy and procedure maturity levels
  • Benchmarking safety standards and areas for improvement
  • Commitment to safety process, documentation, and compliance
  • Effective safety risk management practices integration

Independent project plan reviews that drive successful goal achievement. Proven and experience practitioners provide an objective assessment of:

  • Project execution uncertainties
  • Preparedness for startup
  • Proper resourcing, staffing, and activity levels
  • Systems, procedures, and materials
  • Gap analysis and opportunities for improvement

Improve the effectiveness of your safety process, boosting your achievement of safety targets. Define, track, and report on:

  • Injury frequency and severity
  • Near misses (frequency and trends)
  • Fatality or other accidents
  • Chemical releases
  • OSHA/CALOSHA recordable injuries
  • Lost workdays
  • Worker’s compensation claims and costs
  • Experience modifier rate and changes

Achieve your goals. Let CertifiedSafety ensure your process and plans never hold you back. Be sure and confident with CertifiedSafety.

Download our CERTAINTYASSURANCE Brochure.

Gone as far as you can and looking to take your safety program to the next level? Let us bring best practices to your program through CERTAINTYADVANCE.

Optimizing safety certainty for business and competitive advantage.

CERTAINTYADVANCE accelerates sustainable safety and business advantage. Go to the next level in business sustainability and safeguarding of assets and budgets. Create a competitive advantage. Advance beyond the status quo to full safety certainty.

Define, implement, manage, and optimize safety. Rely on independent, third-party, best practices-based safety strategies, plans, procedures, resources, equipment, and leadership. Leave safety compromise behind.

Maximize protection of the business, assets, projects, and people through a pervasive safety culture. Rely on decades of direct, hands-on, and proven safety leadership to transform your organization and reputation. Lead your organization, lead your industry.

Smooth evaluation, adoption, and integration of technologies that deliver safety certainty while protecting businesses, assets, projects, and reputations.

Drive continuous improvement and safety related cost reduction. Define, track, and report on:

  • Risk/hazard assessment and analysis
  • Measurement of new safety controls and implementation
  • Training rates from expected to completed
  • Measurement of certification expectation and achievement
  • Employee/contractor turnover rates
  • Observation and accident/incident investigation results

Outperform. Exceed expectation, create new value, protect your reputation, and lead your organization and company to new safety cultures and performance.

Download our CERTAINTYADVANCE Brochure.


Every asset, turnaround, or capital project requires increased safety certainty. Safety is the key to business sustainability, protecting assets and people, while preserving timelines and budgets.

Contact CertifiedSafety to learn more, or click on any of the brochure images below for more information.

General information about CertifiedSafety’s CERTAINTYSOLUTIONS.

Learn more about CertifiedSafety’s CERTAINTYFUNDAMENTALS.

Learn more about CertifiedSafety’s CERTAINTYASSURANCE.

Learn more about CertifiedSafety’s CERTAINTYADVANCE.


Increasing safety certainty in an uncertain world. Protecting assets, budgets, and reputation—one project at a time.

That's CertifiedSafety.


Safeguard assets.
Protect budgets.
Stay on schedule.
Be more sustainable.

Safety certainty is business certainty. It's that simple.