CertifiedSafety partners with the best in the industry. We carefully assess value, customer experience and benefit that our partners can deliver in accelerating the ability to increase safety certainty in an uncertain world.

Our partners increase safety performance, ability to achieve goals and targets and enhance safety systems and cultures—just like CertifiedSafety

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Partner Ecosystem—


Services Partners: Those organizations with complimentary services that increase safety certainty and allow CertifiedSafety to deliver everything our customers require.

Equipment Partners: Best-in-class equipment offerings that increase safety on every project, every time.

Resource Partners: Companies that help CertifiedSafety scale to meet the largest and most demanding projects while delivering the same CertifiedSafety customer experience.

Technology Partners: Partners that bring complimentary technology that deliver greater planning, execution, management, reporting and accountability to every capital construction, turnaround and MRO project.


Calculated Controls is CertifiedSafety’s partner for project controls—from planning, through development and execution to closure. Calculated Controls brings experts and tools (including Oracle Primavera) for ensuring that your capital construction, TRO or MRO project has the skill, resource and services that increase safety certainty.

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Calculated Controls is also a CertifiedSafety technology partner. Working together we create, design and implement custom solutions that fit your specific project needs. No “cookie cutter” solutions here, your requirements drive the right solution component choice, assembly, rollout and ongoing support.

The benefit is better decision making, more detailed project histories and detail tracking and accountability.

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Every asset, turnaround, or capital project requires increased safety certainty. Safety is the key to business sustainability, protecting assets and people, while preserving timelines and budgets.

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Increasing safety certainty in an uncertain world. Protecting assets, budgets, and reputation—one project at a time.

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Safeguard assets.
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Safety certainty is business certainty. It's that simple.