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CertifiedSafety’s Confined Space Monitoring System Gets the Oil and Gas Industry Out of Tight Spots


LEAGUE CITY, TX, May 5, 2020 — CertifiedSafety, a recognized leader in industrial safety operations support services, takes confined space safety to a new level with the launch of the SmartConnect AVA Confined Space Monitoring system. The AVA system enhances work monitoring in confined spaces using a suite of advanced audio, visual, access control, and atmospheric sensors.

With critical input from industry experts, CertifiedSafety designed the portable system in-house to answer the need for a more complete, technology-enhanced solution around industrial confined space work. Through AVA, one control center technician can monitor up to twelve confined spaces in real time, scaling to support up to 48 spaces at the same site. The specialized AVA technician manages entry and exit, atmospheric conditions, worker safety, and emergency response from a control center. Activity in and around the space is recorded and synchronized with badge swipes and gas detection data, creating a comprehensive safety report. Compared to current attendant-only monitoring or competitor solutions, AVA promises to be more thorough and cost effective.

“We can have a system in place in a matter of hours,” says Tony Spencer, President of Certified Safety. “With AVA’s mesh technology, each confined space communicates wirelessly back to the command center. It is faster and more robust than stringing cable. Plus, AVA is much more flexible than anything else on the market; we don’t limit each space to just two cameras or intercoms. We believe that the AVA system, combined with CertifiedSafety technicians and watch attendants, provides a winning confined space solution for the oil and gas industry.”

The new AVA Confined Space Monitoring System fits securely into CertifiedSafety’s comprehensive approach to assisting clients in managing the risks associated with working in confined spaces. Company representatives will be demonstrating the AVA system in person in our League City, Texas facility. To request a demonstration or to learn more, please visit:  AVA Confined Space Monitoring System

About SmartConnect

SmartConnect is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CertifiedSafety that focuses on increasing safety and efficiency within the high demands of short-term construction projects. Its flagship connected worker platform has a light on-site infrastructure with a patent-pending asset location engine.


About Certified Safety

CertifiedSafety and its SmartConnect and Calculated Controls divisions provide cost-effective, scalable, and proven solutions to solve safety-related challenges for the petroleum and chemical industries. We call these our CERTAINTYSOLUTIONS. CertifiedSafety brings deep experience, industry-leading safety practices, highly-qualified and trained personnel at every level, and safety leadership to drive up safety certainty and project success. CertifiedSafety is headquartered in League City, Texas. Visit for more information

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