What Customers Say

Here are some excerpts from letters and comments that we have received from clients.

Safety Specialist"I believe the support and leadership CertifiedSafety provided the Convent H-4 Pit Stop was as good as it gets. Their team worked with operations and maintenance for solutions throughout the job as decisions had to be made. They were very proactive and engaged as they managed the permitting process without incident. It was very obvious to me that they gained and maintained the respect of the entire team. I would solicit their involvement in any future turnaround that I am associated with. Great job!"

Turnaround Safety Coordinator"Just wanted to let you know what a great job your employees did for us on the Crude Unit turnaround. They displayed true professionalism in their performance and dealings with the contractors and company personnel. It was a pleasure to work with them, and I would welcome them back at any time in the future. Your employees were very knowledgeable self-starters, who worked very hard to ensure the jobs in which they were involved went according to plan and were completed safely. They put in a lot of time and effort in the pre-turnaround phase for training, to get up to date on our policies and procedures, and then continued on with long hours during the turnaround. Their performance was exemplary. I heard nothing but praise from the contractors, maintenance and operations people who worked with them. I look forward to working with them again."

Night Shift Turnaround Supervisor"We just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for sending us your safety advisor crew to the Hydrocracker turnaround. The night shift was highly praised for getting more than our share of work done during this turnaround, and certainly your folks were a significant part of that success. We found all of the CertifiedSafety professionals to be highly professional, efficient, and quick to learn our policies and procedures. There was some concern initially that the company's operators would not easily accept outside contractors doing what was traditionally union work. Your representatives were not only accepted, but duly appreciated for the contributions they made and their eagerness to do whatever was asked of them. Certainly, the CertifiedSafety permit support' attention to detail added a measure of safety that would be missing with operators being over-tasked. This was our first experience with contract permit support, and hopefully the success of this turnaround will make it a standard practice for future turnarounds. It was a pleasure working with CertifiedSafety, and we look forward to seeing your folks again."

Mechanical Supervisor"I want to take a minute before I head back into retirement again to thank you and your organization for the outstanding crew members that you provided us for the 2011 Pipestill Turnaround Nap Acid Project. The crew members were always there on time, had a get-it-done attitude and were always on top of the safety and permit requirements of the particular job that they were working. The cleanup crews did an excellent job and were complimented several times during the daily status meetings by the turnaround coordinator about how clean the jobsite was. A particular supervisor was always courteous, enthusiastic and asking if there was anything he and his crew do to help out. I would gladly recommend you and your crews anytime."

Mechanical Supervisor"Just wanted to send you a note to say thanks for a great job. It was good to see that you and the folks that worked for you had a true commitment to safety. As a supervisor, you were always ready to help me (I needed it) and your workers. I could tell a couple days into the T/A that once you were informed of our needs, I knew you guys would handle it. When I got moved from the HCU T/A to the FCCU T/A, it was to see you would be helping me out again. It would be a pleasure to have you and your folks back again. Thanks for your help."

Hydrocracker Process Coordinator"I am sending this letter to recognize the efforts of CertifiedSafety and the excellent service they provided for us on the Hydrogen / Hydrocracker turnaround. The staff was friendly and went out of their way to build a positive working relationship with the plant crew and contract workers. In wet weather and on tall, cold towers, they stood by us, without complaint. Your supervisors had great field presence and were quick to provide people when asked, did an excellent job coordinating and providing support. Difficult, and sometimes confrontational, situations were handled with patience and grace to keep us all working safely. The Hydrogen / Hydrocracker organization has had an excellent safety record, and I believe that the people of CertifiedSafety had an impact on that and contributed in a large way to our safe work environment."

HCU Catalyst Supervisor"I just wanted to take a minute to give you some feedback on CertifiedSafety. Every one of CertifiedSafety's employees has been a pleasure to deal with! They are clean, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. They take the time to get familiar with the scope of the job at hand, they review the permits with the work crews and remind the craftsmen about PPE requirements. At each instance that I audited one of their jobs, the CertifiedSafety employee had all of the required paperwork properly filled out and was able answer all of my questions. In the past, the running joke has been that the companies that provided Hole Watch and Fire Watch employees must have done their recruiting by dragging a wine bottle through the bus station. This is certainly not the case with CertifiedSafety. In every instance that I had interaction with a CertifiedSafety employee, they were able to engage in intelligent conversation rather than just a 'deer in the headlights' stare as with previous companies. I hope to see CertifiedSafety here in the future."

Safety Manager"I usually don't have time to write letters of recommendation during the tail end a T/A; however, in this case I wanted to especially express my thanks and commend your project manager. As we all know, it's the project manager who sets the tone or expectations to his leadership, and as for your project manager, he strives for perfection and settles for excellence. Many times, he addressed our all-hands morning meeting and has the ability to touch people's hearts, and that translates into safe work practices. He is respected by all his peers and all the folks at CertifiedSafety. Thank you."

Mechanical Coordinator"Going into the 2011 T/A, I was against having a dedicated hole watch and fire watch company. I had up and down success with the system before. However, during this turnaround it went extremely well. There were no delays and very minimal miscommunication. Folks who know me will tell you I do not hand out obligatory letters after a T/A; what I do is give honest feedback. And for the UTIL/OMS/OM12 area, which I was mechanical coordinator for, I could not be more pleased with the performance provided by Certified. As I stated before, I was against using a dedicated company. There are two reasons why it worked out this time. The two reasons are the two supervisors assigned to the project. I am convinced that the reason for our success was due to their efforts. Their individual performances were great. They checked in with me or my mechanical supervisors every day. Although I did not get to spend much time in the field, I know the support was good because my mechanical supervisors did not complain about hole watch or fire watch support. I have learned that the key to success with dedicated hole / fire watch is to have people like your supervisors in supervisory positions. We worked multiple jobs on a critical path, and coverage was not interrupted once while working through breaks or lunch. Your supervisors made sure people were relieved so the work flow in vessels was not interrupted. This is my first experience with Certified as a standby company. So hopefully this is the kind of coverage that is standard for your company to provide. What I do know is that your supervisors' performance was outstanding, and I would be happy to have them in charge of any job I was working on. It was a pleasure working with both of them, and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Operations Supervisor "You may not know me that well, but anyone who does know me will tell you I do not hand out obligatory thank-you letters on performance; what I do is provide honest feedback. In your employee's case, simply put, his performance was outstanding. His years of industry experience were a big help to a lot of our rookie folks. He showed a natural ability to think outside the box and come up with solutions to problems. Roadblock removal is an important aspect of the mechanical supervisor job. With your employee, I hardly knew there were roadblocks because he was very efficient at removing them. Specifically, when there were guzzler delays, he would improvise and get manual crews to do the work. When there were issues on how to heat the PT areas, he again got a crew together with the proper PPE and executed a plan. I have many more examples if needed, because I believe generalized feedback is not as honest a measure as specific feedback, but again, simply put, his performance was outstanding.

On the safety front his experience again showed. When heating was required, as a precaution he suggested some CO monitoring in case there were any issues. Thanks to his thinking, we had no issues in the drum. His high level of field presence showed that he always had an eye out for safety issues before they became issues, and this also showed in the amount and quality of work he supervised. The workload was pretty high, and he never became flustered and did an excellent job. He not only focused on the tasks at hand but was looking ahead to any future roadblocks / concerns and had a plan to address them. Considering his relatively short time pre-T/A and our somewhat complex and convoluted safety and other procedures, he learned a lot in a very short amount of time. It was hard to tell he was not a regular site employee. He required little to no guidance from myself or the night shift coordinator and worked very well on his own.

On a personal note, your employee had a very positive attitude, was very easy to get along with and fit in very well with the whole T/A team. It was truly a pleasure working with him, and I would be happy to have him on any job."



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