The GapZero Approach

Gaps in the project safety strategy or implementation plan threaten the success of your turnaround or project. CertifiedSafety has developed a collaborative approach to help you identify and then take steps to rectify and eliminate those gaps. We call our process GapZero. It is designed to be a set of proactive and continuous improvement procedures that will examine past and current experience into a post project review taking those lessons learned forward to your next project.

Below are some questions that help identify gaps that could threaten the success of your project:


  • Who owns the safety of your project?
  • Who is responsible for the implementation of your safety plan?
  • Do you have the safety specific leadership resources needed prior to the planning phase?


  • Do safety advisors walk out critical path jobs with mechanical personnel to identify risk and eliminate or plan around those risk?
  • Are safety professionals involved in the project planning phase?
  • Are safety advisors involved in developing the work plan?
  • Is there a clear and concise communications plan?
  • Who owns the safety communications plan?
  • Is a plan in place to minimize the delays associated with releasing the plant(s) for permitting mechanical work?


  • Do you have the resources needed to drive the work safely, on-budget and on-schedule?
  • Are all of your contractors' safety personnel qualified and objective?
  • Are safety audits planned and coordinated around the work?
  • Are JSAs (Job Safety Analysis') being completed effectively?
  • Are risks being effectively identified and mitigated in the field?
  • Are objective and productive interventions taking place?
  • Is safety performance being measured?

Post Project Review

  • Do you have the resources to hold an effective post project review?
  • Was the project safety strategy and plan implemented as planned?
  • What aspects of the safety strategy worked well?
  • Where can improvements be made?
  • Were metrics delivered by contractors?
  • What did our safety observations and/or incident data tell us?
  • What changes does the group want to see implemented on the next project?
  • Do we have all safety related documentation and information in one well organized location?

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